Religious Education 2022-2023

Statment on Intent

As we journey together, we explore beliefs shared not only amongst our own school and church but also of those in the wider community and world. We encourage children to discuss the potential differences this makes in terms of how we live our lives both locally and globally, aspiring to become global citizens, courageous advocates and people of wisdom and integrity.

Through this, we learn to live as good neighbours, demonstrating love, compassion, dignity and respect to all communities.

Our curriculum facilitates, through a breadth of learning experiences, opportunities for our children to develop the skills needed to foster healthy approaches to questioning and debate, whilst also articulating their knowledge and understanding in RE.

The confidence instilled in our pupils and the safe and secure environment we create enables all to share their beliefs safely whilst exploring and discussing the 'big ideas' and questions raised by religion and belief.

Our Christian values are the foundation blocks for life and learning within the AddMore Federation.


Miss Kimberly Archer - R.E Subject Lead

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