Remote Learning

As a result of recent lockdowns, we felt it was important to make it easy for our school community to acess learning remotely and provide key information for all to access.

If an individual child, a class bubble, or the whole school should need to self isolate for a period of time, at any point, we will make sure your child's learnig continues as smooothly as possile. 

For an individual family isolation situation, once our Admin team are notified that your family needs to isolate, your child's class teacher will issue school work through our Remote Learning platform, Seesaw. Teacher will comment on the work submitted and by using the speech bubble feature, messges can be exchanged between parent and teacher or between child and teacher. The work set will be closely aligned with what will be taking place in the classroom so your child is able to keep up with their peers.

If access to technology is a concern then pleae contact our Admin team and we can explore possible solutions together. Alternatively, we can arrange for paper packs to be issued.

In addition, we have a range of useful links below that will provide further support to enhance learning experiences at home. These learning tools include Oak National Academy which is an online government-approved teaching resource that provides video instruction, assessment quizzes and activities across a broad range of subjects.

For All


Oak National Academy

Virtual School Library

Read for Good

Primary Homework Help

BBC Bitesize

Interactive Maths Games

White Rose Maths


Ideal for Key Stage 1 children


Letters and Sounds for Home and School

Cosmic Yoga


Ideal for Key Stage 2 children

Top Marks

The Body Coach PE Workouts

Spelling Zone

Files to Download