Volunteering in school can be a very rewarding experience. There are lots of ways volunteers can help support the school. This does not only entail helping out in classrooms. Volunteers could help in a number of other ways. For example, volunteers could help with gardening and general tidying of the school grounds, tidying the library or running a library club, helping in other after school clubs, laminating, mounting work and creating displays. Helping in class may include: listening to readers, helping in Forest School, preparing paint and other material for art lessons, supporting cookery groups. Your volunteer work may be regular (weekly) or topic related, depending on your skills and availability. For example, one of our parents, who is a dentist, came in to work with the children when we were studying ‘Teeth and Eating’ in science. If you have particular skills or interests, and if you have time to spare, please let us know by contacting the school office.

We welcome volunteers. You are encouraged to assist and participate in teaching and learning activities under the guidance of the school staff. We acknowledge that each individual brings to the school a different perspective and a different amount of experience working with children. We are pleased to share our expertise and to learn from others. Parents who volunteer will usually be asked to work with classes other than their own child’s class.

In order to safeguard our children, volunteers will be asked to obtain DBS clearance prior to starting work. Volunteers will need to provide the school office with the relevant paperwork to complete these checks on request. The cost of obtaining DBS clearance will be covered by the school. Volunteers will be given guidance about their behaviour onsite. Volunteers will be required to sign in and out on arrival and departure.

If you are interested in joining our happy school as a volunteer, please contact the school office.