Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA)

The PFTA at Moreton Say is an active group of parents, teachers and friends of the school whose main focus is supporting the school to give the children the best educational experience possible. If your child comes to Moreton Say CE Primary then you are part of the PTA, together with teachers and other friends of the school. The PTFA is a properly constituted Parent Teacher Association with a committee led by a Chair, with a Treasurer and Secretary who prepare accounts and minutes of meetings. Anyone is welcome to come to committee meetings and they are advertised on the school newsletter.

The PTFA has two very important and interlinked roles. Firstly, they organise community events which are great fun and help children and families to get to know each other and develop links and friendships. Being 'one big family' is part of what makes our small school special,  Secondly they raise funds to enable us to enhance our curriculum provision and buy important resources for children’s learning. In these times of tight budgets this role has been essential.

In the past, among many other contributions the PTFA have bought interactive teaching boards, maths resources,  reading books, iPads and web-based learning licences e.g. for Mathletics and Spelling Frame. Most significantly and helpfully the PTFA have contributed financially by subsidising education visits for all classes over recent years, making trips affordable for parents and allowing all children a wide range of experiences. This support has greatly assisted us in our commitment to providing a broad and engaging curriculum.

We know that for some working parents it is difficult to find time to be a member of a committee. Please be assured that this does not matter. Parents and familes can make a positive contribution just by attending our events. As a small school, we only need a few core members to be the organisers, with other parents helping out when called upon, or simply participating as attendees who support us on the day of the event - and spending your money of course!

Parents may be able to help out in other ways, for example by baking cakes or donating raffle prizes. Some working parents have work links that suport sponsoring school events with money donations or discounts. We are grateful for all support in whatever form it comes.

We have a committed staff team who are willing to give up their free time to help organise PTA events. However we are mindful that our staff's first priority is to the education of our pupils and this means that as a small school not all staff will attend all school events. Staff have their own families' prioritises to consider before taking on further work commitments. We are greatful for our PTFA members' understanding and for their continued support in giving up their time to further enhance the provison for their children.

During Covid restrictions the staff and PTA will be thinking of creative ways to raise money and build community which fit within the Government guidelines on gatherings and schools.

One of the key ongoing funding streams for the PTFA is the collection of second-hand clothing, which continues even through the Covid pandemic. The clothing bank collection point is situated next door in the Village Hall.