Be Ready,

Be Respectful,

Be Safe.

PSHE/RSE 2022-2023

Curriculum Statement of Intent 2021-2022

It is our aim here at Adderley to ensure that we provide a comprehensive and engaging PSHE Curriculum which fully meets the need of every chid. It is our understanding that each child arrives at our school in a position unique to themselves and we therefore develop skills and understanding from this personal baseline. We understand that social skills and learning readiness are unique to each and every child and therefore tailor and adpat our PSHE curriulum in order to meet these needs. 

As a federation we value and recognise that high-quality life skills education and that ensuring we educate all our young minds in the management of these skills is essential in order for each child to meet their potential. Our curriculum supports PSHE, RSE, Helath education, SMSC development and safeguarding. Whilst ensuring our programme of study provides full coverage of the statutory elements for Relationship Education and Health Education it is vital that we go beyond this and support our chidlren in the development of the skills required, at all ages, to manage as part of their personal development concepts such as; difference, influence, resilience and pressure.

We understand and have observed that it is during Primary School that many children will, for the first time, encounter many of life's challenges and it is through inspiring, relevant and meaningful teaching and learning that we belive we provide our pupils with the knowledge and skills required to lead safe, healthy and happy lives. 

At Addmore Federation we believe that ensuring a high-quality PSHE curriculum will inspire pupils to develop their curiosity and fascination about the world around them, and support them in developing as conscientious, healthy global citizens. Our aim is to teach the skills and knowledge necessary to develop children as confident well-rounded individuals.

Within the AddMore Federation, children are encouraged to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and the wider community, formally through School Council meetings and informally through building warm relationship among the school community.

Miss A. Clarke and Mrs E. Rawsthorne – PSHE/ RSE Subject Leads

January 2022


Our PSHE/ RSE Curriculum and detailed progression document outling the steps in learning our pupils make to build their knowledge and skills in PSHE/ RSE is detailed in the downloadable documents listed at the bottom of this page. Also attached is our recently updated RSE Policy. 

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