SMSC 2022-2023

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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development is the over-arching umbrella that encompasses personal development across our whole curriculum and sits at the very heart of our our school development. SMSC is essential to the academic progress of our pupils. It doesn’t happen in isolation – it saturates through the school and is linked to everything the school does, its ethos, vision, values and attitudes; visible in all day-to-day decisions and relationships.


SMSC development and our values and vision as a Church school, encourage us to think about the kind of people we aspire to be, the kind of world we aspire to create, and the kind of education we aspire to provide. As our school vsion states; 'We are a school which is ambitious and aims high academically whilst teaching all those within to act with love and compassion always and to  demonstrate respect to all.Through these means we aspire and support all within our community to become global citizens, courageous advocates for all and people of wisdom and integrity.'

Our development of the 'whole' and the opportunities we provide for our puils to develop in the areas of SMSC are broad and slected carefully to ensure that they are both meaningful and adressed in the context oftheir broader leanring. 

In recognition of and to highhlight the value we, as a school, place upn SMSC we are currently pursuing the 'SMSC National Quality Mark'. It is our hope that through the pursuit of this mark we will be better equippped to deliver on our statutory responsibilities and the broad and balanced curriculum that is the entitlement and expectation for all pupils.

Keep visiting our page to remain up to date with how we are progressing with out SMSC Quality Mark validation process.   

Miss S. Jones – SMSC Lead

September 2022

Details of our work in SMSC, how this work links in with Fundamental British Values and our policy are outlined in the downloadable document listed at the bottom of this page.

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