Attendance and Absence

Attendance and Absence


Leave of Absence in Term Time

Studies have shown that those pupils whose attendance is good are more likely to do well at school. Your child’s attendance is extremely important to their future success at school.

In addition to regular attendance pupils are expected to be punctual. Being at school at the right time is of great importance because if pupils miss the start of the lesson it makes the learning harder for them.

If your child is sick and unable to attend school, it is important that you contact the school office by phone on the first day of absence.

If your child has to leave school during the course of the day for a medical appointment or other reason, they must be registered in the In/Out Register located at the school office. Similarly, if a child comes into school late, after the entrance doors are locked, they must be registered in the In/Out Register.

Authorised absences are absences with permission from the school. Illness and medical appointments would usually be authorised by the school. However, where there is persistent absence - even for medical reasons - the EWS and school may require further evidence of illness or need for appointments to be taken in term time.

Unauthorised absences are absences without permission from the school and include unexplained absences and unjustified absences.

Attendance records are processed electronically by the school and have to be submitted to the DfE termly. Parents can check their child's attendance rate at any time by contacting the school office.


Holiday and other absence in term time is strongly discouraged by the Department for Education (DfE). 

Please do not book any activities that would result in your child being absent during term time without first requesting authorisation from the school. No absence during term time can be authorised unless for an exceptional circumstance.

Leave of absence cannot be granted retrospectively. If a request has been refused by the teacher and parents proceed with the absence, this will be recorded as unauthorised.

The Education Welfare Service (EWS) have access to our school attendance registers remotely and monitor levels of attendance and punctuality. It has powers to ensure that parents support school in maintaining good attendance. 

When children are taken out of school during term time not only does the education of the individual child suffer, but it can cause disruption to the rest of the class, with teachers having to repeat work and give extra help so that the pupil can catch up.

In instances where parents have taken children out for unauthorised 'Leave of Absence in Term Time' (LATT) the Local Authority may serve a fixed penalty notice.

There are 190 school days in an academic year, leaving 175 days free for families to take holidays. Not taking into account other absences, just taking a fortnight’s holiday each year means that, between the ages of five to 16, a child would miss around half an academic year of learning.


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