Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Our vision, ‘Believing we can achieve’ is rooted in the Bible story of the calling of David from 1 Samuel 16, where God challenges Samuel’s assumption that the bigger and stronger brothers are better by telling him that, “People look at what is on the outside, but I care about what is on the inside”. We believe that being a small school is a great strength as it enables every child to be known and loved for who God has made them.

We are an inclusive school and we encourage and celebrate diversity in religion, faiths, cultures and in skills and abilities. Our pupils learn within a secure and happy environment where all achievements are celebrated and where children who find aspects of school challenging are supported and nurtured.

We are committed to ensuring that all our children are happy, enjoy school, can take part fully in all learning and make good progress. Some children may need additional support in school because they have a special educational need or disability, commonly referred to as SEND. We value and embrace each child as an individual and endeavour to meet their needs to ensure that they succeed and thrive within our nurturing school. 

Our Local Offer, downloadable below, provides details of how we support children in school. We hope it answers many of the questions parents and carers may have about how we support children with SEND. The range of support we offer is tailored to individual need. Assessments may be carried out by us internally or we may use other external professionals to support our assessment process. Agencies we may draw upon for expertise include: the Speech and Language Service, the Educational Psychology Service, Learning and Behaviour Support Services, Autism West Midlands, BeeU Children’s Health and Mental Well-being Service and the Sensory Impairment Service. 

We provide regular opportunities for you to discuss your child’s progress at termly Parents' Evenings. If you are concerned about your child’s progress we encourage you to contact their class teacher at any time via the school office. If your child is identified as having a special educational need, termly meetings will be held between you and your child’s teacher to discuss an individually tailored plan for your child.

The SEND Co-ordinator Miss Kim Archer, who holds the national SENDCO qualification, is based at Adderley CE Primary and works across the Federation. She supports class teachers in making assessments and drawing up individual plans for children with SEND.

Our SEN Policy located on our 'Policies and Procedures' page and our SEND Local Offer contain detailed information about how we identify special needs and the support that we can offer. Support may be through: differentiated activities, planned by the teacher and delivered in the classroom; intervention programmes, targeted at specific skills which may be delivered by a teacher or teaching assistant; or, it may be that we are following a specialised programme on the advice of outside agencies, such as Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy etc. 

Full details of what we can offer are found in our SEND Local Offer, downloadable below. This report also signposts parents to Shropshire Council's Local Offer and other useful services such as the Early Help process and the Shropshire Family Information Service.

We are committed to the full inclusion of all children in school life. For more details about our 'Medical Conditions and Medicines Policy' see the ‘Policies and Procedures’ page.  You may also find the ‘Medical and Health Matters’ page useful. Our ‘Accessibility Policy and Plan’ is also on the 'Policies and Procedures'  page.

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