Safeguarding Council 2022-23

Welcome to Moreton Say's Safeguarding Council Page. We are a group of pupils, ranging from Reception up to Year 6, who are dedicated to looking after our school and our friends and staff. Our whole school community is of great impoetnace to usand we regard it our duty to ensure that it remains a safe place in which everyone who works or visits is kept sage and likewise are taught about how to keep themselves safe!

My name is Mrs Greenway, and I lead the Safeguarding Council along with 6 dedicated and passionate Pupils. Together we are continuing to keep school safe and ensure everyoneunderstands the ways in whcih we can work together to keep our whole school community safe. 

Together we have created a Safeguarding Council Moto to help us stay safe:

S - Support Others and Speak Out when you need too

T - Trusted Adults are there to support you

A - Always be kind and treat others how you wish to be treated

Y - Your body belongs to you 


S - SMART Internet use

A - Aim to treat others how you wish to be treated

F - Follow School Rules to keep us safe

E - Everyone is to feel equal and loved at our school


Lets Connect - Big Class Read -  Friday 10th February 2023

This was one of the first well being/ mental health events organised by the safeguarding council this year. The was to allow for children to discover a love of reading and help children to connect with their parents more and vise versa. As a council we would like to thank all the parents and carers who came to read with their children and other children in the class. We know everyone really enjoyed it and it had a postive affect on our children. The council made sure that every visitor on site was safe and that everyone signed in at our school office so we count account for how many people where on site. We had a selection of RSE books for the children to read which we have placed at the front of our school for parents to take home if they wish. We also had a lovely selection of fiction and non fiction books.

Well done Safeguarding Council!

Mrs Greenway