Science 2022-2023

Science is taught across the AddMore Federation using two schemes of learning; ‘Switched on Science’ is used in the Early Years and ‘Engaging Science’ from Year 1 to Year 6. At times, science is taught using a combination of the two schemes in Year 1 depending on the skills and knowledge that need to be covered.

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that children acquire the key scientific knowledge and skills needed through practical experiences; using equipment, conducting experiments, building arguments, problem solving, working collaboratively and reasoning with results.  A framework which sets out our programme of education in Science, including the knowledge and understanding to be gained at each stage is provided at the bottom of this page.

Our curriculum encourages regular ‘revisiting ‘of prior learning and the recapping of key knowledge and the re-application of skills. At different stages of their primary education, children will revisit scientific topics, within a spiral curriculum, allowing them to build upon their prior learning and further embed key knowledge, skills and vocabulary.

Science learning, across the Addmore Federation, aims to foster a sense of wonder and awe, encouraging children to ask questions and be curious about the world around them. We nurture our children to develop a love for Science, appreciating the role that key scientific figures have played in shaping the world as we know today and aspiring them to follow in their footsteps.

In each unit of learning children are immersed in new and previously learnt vocabulary, empowering them to talk like real scientists. 

As rural schools, we make the most of our special surroundings, taking Science learning outside of the classroom whenever possible. As part of our curriculum, we teach our children the importance of showing care and respect for our environment and children take part in units of work that support them to recognise their role as a guardians. 

Our ultimate goal is to give children the independence, confidence, motivation and enthusiasm to further develop their love for Science as they progress into the next stages of their education and life experiences.

Miss Archer- Science Subject Lead 

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