Arrival and Departure


Please drop children off into our care in the morning via the appropriate entrance. Nursery and Reception/ Y1 (Lawley Class) are admitted through the buzzer entry gate of the Early Years demountable building. Key Stage 1 (Wrekin Class: Year 2 & Year 3) are met by a teaching assistant at the side door. We encourage parents to leave children at the door and not come in unless absolutely necessary, both to encourage independence in the children and to avoid congestion in the hallway. The Teaching Assistant will be happy to pass on any messages you have to class teachers. Key Sage 2 children (Caradoc Year 3 & Year 4; Stiperstones: Year 5 & Year 6) enter via the opposite side door. We encourage parents to leave Key Stage 2 children at the gate and allow them to walk round to their entrance unaccompanied, to encourage independence. The Teaching Assistant can see the gate from her vantage point.

Those pupils who arrive via the school taxi or bus service are met by a member of staff at the vehicle and accompanied into school.


No children will be released to an adult other than their parent/carer unless we have permission in writing from them. Verbal permission may be approved in exceptional circumstances in an emergency, but only if the approval has been given by the headteacher or the deputy, in her absence. Children will not be released to other adults even if they are 'trusted' members of the community e.g. PTA members who have a DBS, or if they are known to be 'good friends' with the family, unless we have confirmation in writing from the parent/carer of the child being released.

Lawley Class are collected at the end of the day in the same way as arrival, via the gate buzzer entry system of the demountable Early Years building. CWrekin, Caradoc and Stiperstones Class are released to their parents from the front playground. Parents and carers are asked to wait at the office end of the front playground. Class teachers will release children once they can see the appropriate adult.

For those pupils who take the school taxi or bus service a register is taken in school daily. Pupils are accompanied to the vehicle by a member of staff.

Pupils booked in to after school clubs are sent to the appropriate room by their teacher and a register is taken by the club leader. Pupils attending after school clubs will be dismissed by the club leader at the end of the session and handed over to parents. Pupils booked in to the school's wraparound care are collected by a member of staff and taken to the club room in the demountable building.

It is imperative that parents keep their emergency contact details up to date so that staff and club leaders can keep parents informed of any changes necessary to arrival and departure arrangements.

Please contact the office and let us know of any changes to your normal departure arrangements, such as if a child is going home with another parent and child for a play date.